sand,sun and waves ..

Its been a lousy holiday . First Tupu, then Tani fell ill ; my boss kept calling and threatening to cancel the holiday becase the sky was falling on someone's head ..AG kept threatening to divorce me if I took any more office calls ..and I had to leave sick Tani and take a sleeper middle berth back ( something I have not done in so many years ), last night feeling like the lousiest mother on earth .

When I got down at Howrah at 4.30 this morning it was like coming out from a steam bath .

The compartment was full of rabidly insular Hindus , travelling with a Guru Maharaj who kept yelling "Radhey !Radhey !"at intervals ;all the members of the 50 strong group wore ID badges ; they had a gunny bag full of packets of chirer mowa , chivda and gathia which they kept eating ; towards midnight they calmed down and only moaned "Radhey" ;the group consisted of Shravan Kumars in pretty white kurtas and dhotis and nubile Gujju girls with their plastic clips and handbags and fat Mommas who kept prostrating before the Religious Icon ( a very virile bearded bare chested guy with knowing rascally eyes ) while the nubile battalion giggled ...

I ate my way through 1 chicken sandwich and a quarter of a chicken cutlet before giving up on food . The heat got to me and sleeping in a middle berth in a sleeper carriage is no joke at my age ..

Next time we take a holiday we have to plan everything properly and work across Srin's ridiculous exams which pop up like jack in the boxes across the school holidays ( would a comment on the blabber whatever help I wonder , or is it carrying parental interference too far ?) . College going young adults do have younger school going siblings .

Anyway , the view from the beach on Thursday evening was restful .. the foam crested high tide breakers, wet sand and a handful of crows before sunset ..


Poorna Banerjee said...


suemamma said...

hi! haven't visited your page for a while & thought I'd drop in. too bad your holiday had to end like that.

± said...

im hungry now :-(
i want a holiday too :-(

*throws a tantrum, trips over and falls*

erebus said...

that's one thing I really miss... indian train holidays... AC3 tier... the in your face, hands on full blown humanity...