pujo and old snaps

All the pictures have Tupu frowning away to glory , eyes scrunched up , nose wrinkled - happily clutching water bottles, AG's hair,my hand and in later pictures Tani. Such adorable pictures of the two of them - getting sentimental will not help because I will get yelled at by Tupu. Each picture has a story .

The pujo ones are great .Once I put uosomething by Saki which was translated into "Mrito Sainik"with helpful inputs from the now famous Shion and Aniket and perofrmed with mucho gusto to the delight of the Jodhpur colony camp kids and the proud parents . Everyone got drunk on Pepsi , someone got a revolver and all of them roled about on the dirty stage which was strewn with muddy footprints, pulped fruit and sawdust . They also did a vaguely Russian dance choreographed by the talented Shion ,to the strains of something by Rachmaninoff which I dug out from my cassette collection and then all of them hared off to Nantu's for greasy rolls . There are some more snaps pf costume dramas - adaptations of Lila Majumdar's stories - had a togh time figuring out who was who - Ribhu inexplicably clad in a yellow t shirt with one of my dupattas tied around his waist playing Lakshman and Arjun as Ravan lolling in a wicker armchair which doubled up as a throne , preening his false moustaches and leering into the camera - the one which had all of us doubled up was Chhoton sitting on a bench in lurid green and acid yellow finery - its a wonder he came out with all his lines because he would inevtiably get a yelling from me during the rehearsals . We would have terrific fun in those days , with all three floors of the house and the terrace resounding with the clamour of various rehearsals .

There are snaps of a widely grinning Tupu in various costumes - in dance dramas masterminded by Aanka where the finishing touches and the last minute changes always took place on the last day ..

Nowadays I look superior and plead work,tours and more work .

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