Birds on the ledge

The one on the right took a lot of stealth

Through the blinds .. softly

when all else failed ... the bird on the beam ------->

The ledge outside the window of my fourth floor office attracts two shaalik birds ,when it gets sunny around mid morning . They pace the entire half circle of ledge relentlessly – walking up and down and chirrupping like mad .
For quite some time I have been trying to photograph them with old trusty , to no avail – they peck on the glass , they make funny twirrr twitter noises , they peer around the calendar perched on the window sill but the moment they see the phone , they take wing ; even if they see old trusty through the blinds .
However , patience and persistence pays and seconds of breathless waiting, stealth have yielded results .. although I couldn’t take a shot of the funny head and yellow beak going twuurrrck ? around the calendar - or the shaalik sitting with its neck feathers fluffed out ,in a great collar too big for its head and shoulders .Beats bitching around and taking extended coffee breaks ...


chandra said...

many thanks for your visit.
i quite like the photos of the bird outside your window, and on the ledge....i have taken one of a pigeon in my balcony, which i shall mail you.
and yes, about 15 years back, i did exhibit in Calcutta...and i ahve rich memories of it.

warm wishes


Anonymous said...

Dear Eve, Now hows that for a coincidence? In the last few weeks, i and my family have been trying to photograph the birds that frequent the trees in our garden. our rule is- click through the windows only, no stepping out the front door. Birds not being reknowned for their passivity, its been tough going. Nevertheless, we have in our hand, so to speak, a falcon, a sunbird, and four white egret. As you rightly pointed out, beats bitching.

Poorna Banerjee said...

hoom, shalikh pakhis are damn hard to photograph... commendable use of patience.