end of winter blues

Winter's gone and I didnt even get a chance to wear the new sweater I bought . Never mind - I'll do that next year and hopefully I will have shed a little weight by then . I like this kind of weather when it is neither too hot nor too cold - just that slight breeze making things cooler in the evenings .. and we shall need to put on the fan this week during the day . Time to give the ealking shoes a bit of a dust , get up early in the morning for a half hour walk .Cut down on the calories which is not going to be too hard because summer is hardly an ideal time to eat and relax -

OOps I spoke too soon - its nice and cool with a heady wind and rain and yes I can wear my woollies again .

I have had some fun with this in the last one week - check out whatever I have catalogued.


Sonnjea said...

Library Thing is fun! I haven't catalogued anything yet, but I think I'll do that. I was looking through your catalog, and I might steal some reading ideas from it.

Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Sure . That lot there hardly constitutes one tenth of the books - I need a volunteer !