hey simon! and a dash of miriam makeba..

My sister who is an artist of growing repute is at present exhibiting her canvases .

When she was a skinny scrawny child she had uncommon business sense which would translate into her drawing very attractive bookmarks and cards and exchanging them for books . She gave the cards , her friends loaned her the books . She has always displayed erratic bouts of intelligence such as being friends with Susan Chia who enrolled her into the deep dark mysterious world of authentic Chinese cooking , and marrying a guy who makes excellent "scrabbety"( Tani's linguistic interpretation of spaghetti at the age of 4 ) and even better bread and who maintains a deep Buddhist calm through all the sturm und drang she subjects her family to in the name of atristic temperament .

My friend Bapi talks of some owls she used to draw - funny I cant remember them . But I am holding on to the cat , the etching of Sammy ,the two ladies on the chair and the very evocative etching of the lady with the parrot in tones of sepia , my favourite shade .

Not that I understand much of art , but standing in the gallery and looking at the canvases I felt quite humbled - not because she sold practically all the canvases before the preview , but because in her world this marked her coming of age .

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hillgrandmom said...

Wish the picture was a bit bigger. Looks interesting.