I love watching Pia with her daughters , They crowd around her - whenever they sit they flank her , one on each side . When she speaks they drink in each word she says , they wait for her to say something funny so that they can laugh , they giggle together at shared memories , they kiss and cuddle her - they absolutely adore her and its beautiful watching them.

Pia has brought up her children herself without any interference from anyone ;she is strict with timings and monitors television watching and internet surfing - three things which create dissent in homes - the children are happy and cheerful and do not resent any teasing digs that Pia takes at them and I wonder just where I went wrong and why my girls dont hang on to me like hers although they love me ... the only difference I can come up with and which Tupu endorses is maybe she doesnt show bipolar behaviour which both AG and I do . Maybe .

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hillgrandmom said...

oh EL, *hugs8. I can so understand your feelings. it took an awful long time to realise that i was not the perfect mum and that i needn't
be. believe me it still upsets me at times '0'