Jack Sparrow

A site I came across dedicated to that most redeeming feature in all the Pirates series - Jack Sparrow.

Notwithstanding the fact that a very sexy Johnny Depp does a marvellous quick thinking, swashbuckling scallawag of a buccaneer with his braided beard , rasta locks , kohl lined eyes and swish walk , I ate my way through half a regular buttered popcorn and a quarter of nachos and disgusting cheese dip and I am ashamed to say fell asleep through the noisiest part of the film and thereby missed much of the barnacled mayhem that took place somewhere after the interval and woke to find a gigantic Calypso dissloving into millions of crabs - why crabs ? Why not lobsters , crayfish or some other species of crustacean ?

And oh wonder of wonders , I was so busy appraising the ponytail on a tall tubby middleaged gent that I missed the lady with him . This when the rest of the family had checked her out with reference to her background .

Must have been the cheese dip .

No , maybe the nachos

nope - then it MUST have been the chicken stuffed with cottage cheese and olives in herb and asparagus sauce with a small compote of cauliflower , broccoli and runner beans that I ate with such relish at Oh Calcutta!


hillgrandmom said...

i watched most of the movie-whatever wasn't cut i.e. & gerely there didn't seem to be much meaning to the movie! Just alot of special effects.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

A dish at Oh Cal that I haven't checked out yet?!
I shall sue them!


hillgrandmom said...

btw, really like the latest layout of the blog:)

Unknown said...

@JAP - sue them do - I barely tasted a morsel - those dreadful girls ate it all
@ Sue - ah !but what magic and mayhem and what have you -

Anonymous said...

Dont lie. You OFFERED me a piece. I didnt ask. Onek kheyechile.

Shari said...

I didn't see the movie yet. Now I will be waiting for the crabs. LOL. That's okay. ;)

I'll remember to stay away from food during the movie. (I've only seen the first Pirates movie.)

Jhoomur aka JB said...

Hmm, the length of the movie is something many have complained it just doesn't end. If I ever get a chance to interview Johnny Depp, i am going to insist he do it as Sparrow.
From one Eve to another, Hello!

iz said...

I think I just licked your blog. Ahhhhh Johnny!

Elendil said...

Ha! That crabs were hilarious. An essential plot element. They moved the ship over sand, and the goddess exploded into pieces of them. More important than the crazy excuse for a storyline anyway.

Sukhaloka said...

I want that food! Want that food!

And yes, that Calyptic explosion had me in splits. :D!

hillgrandmom said...

Hey have the waters receded?

TC said...

hahaha......said elder daughter still talks about the meal at Oh! Calcutta!!!!!!still says she dint eat much.......I honestly do not believe her!!!