what we did after we cut the branches of the bougainvillea

So there we were - 4 of us in the front row and one behind , parking problems solved with the car already in the basement and checked through by AG once we reached the place . Shahrukh Khan , a favourite actor with me for no particular reason , did not sniff even once , nor did he do whatever he normally does with his nose . The film was one of the better ones I have seen in a long time - the Namesake included.

The cast was fresh and the pace was tight and controlled . Although the ending was a bit far fetched , it was inspiring to say the least and a message to the Sports Authority that with discipline and determination one can achieve laurels .It was heartening to see a group of girls beat the mickey out of a group of yobbos in Delhi - yet - but greatly appreciated by the audience.

Also watched Bheja Fry - hugely entertaining . It was very refreshing to watch 2 films without the mandatory song and dance , gunshots , item girls shaking their booty and staccato music

All in all a great week .

One thing puzzled me though - why is Milind Soman a Greek God ? And a hairy one at that ?


Thinking Cramps said...

So you enjoyed it too! And I like Bheja Fry a bit more each time I watch it :)

Actually, my rather biased opinion is that without all that hair covering his face Milind Soman IS a bit of a hunk!! Sorry, that's a hangover from the age of 18. Which also means he is an AGING Greek God!

Elendil said...

Bheja Fry! Is this that hilarious thing they used to show on MTV? Ps: Very nice new template.

Lahari Chatterji said...

I loved Chak De India. I watched it last Wednesday at Elite. I think the ending justifies the purpose of the film. The audience was cheering wildly and it felt like being in a stadium.

Hope you are all well and I wish Tani all the best for her studies.

Unknown said...

@Anamika _ So right
@Elendil- Not so sure about MYV . Thanks about the template
@Taj- Right you are

the mad momma said...

loved chak de too..

as for milind - i dont know if anamika and i are biased because we grew up together - but he is quite delicious.

i've interviewed almost all the actors, and none of them make your toes curl like milind.