Of mists, vada pao and a walk in the clouds

In the beginning there was the rain. The railway bridge over the Thane Creek connecting Vashi with the rest of Mumbai was draped in mists and rain . And through that grey haze so reminiscent of a Japanese painting rushed a bright yellow train .

Soon after the road turned into a river viewed through the wet window pane and then there were the lush green hills wet in the rain , the road a wet slick and thin waterfalls gushing down the sides of the hills .
And then walking into a cloud which bursts on you and drenches you with a five minute shower of heavy rain . You lean over a wide parapet to take in the advertsied breathtaking view of Sunset Point and all you get is a swirling soupy fog with misty vapours drifting upwards which is so strange and beautiful you forget about missing out on the view .
And while we are about it let us not forget the vada pao with flecks of ginger in the vada , a long green chilli and a green chutney which explodes in your mouth to be washed down with hot ginger tea and a nugget of Cooper's chocolate walnut fudge .And the bhuttas ( corn on the cob) in the rain .

You come back and go to sleep at night after partying till midnight and then wake up to see this . Truly magical !


Jaya M said...

What a lovely way to unwind and in true magical style...last pic/header pic is one stunning piece of nature's beauty 5 year old is peeking thro behind me and said "wow" me on that :-)..darun chobi ..
hugs and smiles

Unknown said...

@Jaya - thanks ! It was truly magical seeing that .

Banno said...

Beautiful photos. That route is so, so lovely in the rains. One of my best childhood memories, my father having us bunk school and taking us for a train ride, to see the waterfalls and mist. And the vada pavs, my favourite, damn dieting. :)

Suku said...

send some rains this way...please!

Rohan said...

How delightfully fluid your images are. I like that.
Curious, but on a totally unrelated note, my latest post ends nearly on the same note as your beginning.

hillgrandmom said...

Beautiful pictures and to think it's from Mumbai!

Bong Mom said...

Darun chobi...Kothay gechile ?

Unknown said...

Banno- I loved the road and the ghats. we trekked a bit in blinding rain which was also fun . But the best part was the lush green wherever one looked .

Suku - waiting for some rains in Kolkata . Its steamy and hot
Orange Cat - Thank you . The rains do something to me .
Sue - yes remarkable isnt it ?
Sandeepa - Lonavla tey .

A Muser said...

Your pictures brought back memories of rainy family vacations at Lonavala. Beautiful place, good times. Where did you stay? I especially love the last picture of the rains.

radha said...

The last picture is so lovely and it makes a beautiful header to the blog.
The rain does make you long for certain foods - vada pao, and for those with stronger stomachs a plate of mirchi bajji.