Memory files - the old gent and his violin

The bearded old gent normally came on  winter nights  . Wore a pair of dusty black pants ending at the ankles and an even dustier black coat . I first heard the strains of Fur Elise , though back then, I only identified it as an evocative melody that made me sit still at the window of our 1st floor house at 68 G Purna Das Road . And when it ended I moved the curtain and there he was - playing yet another melody . We were all hanging on to the grill at various windows around the house and my father was hyperventilating about his size 12 feet which meant his old shoes wouldn't fit the gent nor would his old shirts because he was over 6 feet and the old gent was tiny  and spare  . He surfaced every winter for three years and the memory of  his violin playing still gives me goose flesh.

Years later , much grown up, my bosom friend at that time , AG ( before he became my husband - he was my sounding board , my security blankie , my go to for all problems ) brought up the topic of the violin playing old gent and I was not surprised that he had heard him too as had Sumon who immortalised him in his song O Gaanwala .

Anyway some time later and  soon to be married , I was in my aunt's house on Jatin Bagchi road when like a ghostly memory came the sound of the violin and the gent strolled in down the cul de sac , absolutely bowed with age over his ancient violin which yielded such ethereal music .

 I needed no second bidding to empty out my purse and run downstairs . He took the money with a courtly bow and gestured for me to wait while he played Lara's Theme . Just for me . Memories rushed , mostly good - but still with the power to sadden me  . And then he bowed and left , never to surface again .


Sue said...

Unknown said...

eh the Sue ?

hillgrandmom said...


dipali said...

So lovely!

Howie Long said...

"he was my sounding board , my security blankie , my go to for all problems" - exactly how I would describe a perfect love. Beautiful writing!

Anusia said...

Very nice and touchy.

A Muser said...

This is lovely, EL! I wonder what his life was like.

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