What we did after reaching Delhi....

Jaipur was like a bad dream fraught with outputs of oral ingestions . Sharma the driver drank steadily from 10 till midnight , the night before we started . In the early morning , he almost drove into a bullock cart at one of the gates leading in/out of , Jaipur . Thereafter, he drove like one possessed till Ashis told him to slow down whereupon he obligingly slowed down to 40kmph...till further urging by Ashis made him pick up speed . Thereafter he drove on the back of the west wind or nrth westerly or whatever it was that took us forward into Agra .
Agra town was full of filthy gutters,filthier guttersnipes,pollution control vehicles and the Taj - I much preferred the 2 monuments on either side of the Taj , one a seraikhana and the other , its twin possibly a mosque ,which are inexplicably played down but which , in their own rights are beautiful buildings .

On the drive back to Delhi somewhere outside of Mathura , after a good meal , the good Sharmaji ,while driving down the highway ,folded up his left leg and closed his left eye ......

We travelled on to Delhi and to much eating of pijjas and drinking of Papsis ,and Buchku mashi's incomparable hospitality , the good visit was wound up ..

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