My Favourite couple The fat one and her significant other

For the past ten weeks Star One has dedicated the best part of Thursady late evenings to a show called "Nach Baliye", which courtesy Tani , I have had to watch , in order to dissect the programme later on . This has meant putting the interminable serial on Star Plus "Kahani Ghar Ghar ki" on that day on the back burner .

Now since KHGK often delivers a punch line on Thrusday ( offering us a much needed hiatus over a long weekend starting Friday) - in the form of afreeze frame of a character with her mouth agape , looking horrified,looking askance,groups of people looking as if they have seen the light or Lucifer ....etc, and which is meant to keep you in torment and torture and other forms of mental sadism devised by the one and only whatshername Kapoor , Bakul Rani who's the chief patron , has been quite cheesed off ..

Anyway , for 10 weeks we have watched small star couples prance about on our really small screen ( what I wouldnt give for a plasma screen tv..) ; at times the screen looked really too small to accomodate fat Poonam and even fatter Delnaz , but no matter we watched what we could ...

I watched because I couldnt get over the fact that 2 middle aged couples among other younger ones who did have an edge over them ,were happily gyrating with energy ,concentration for whatever the prize money was worth . I felt sorry when Parmeet -Archana were voted out because she wanted to donate the money to Cancer for Children- I still dont know what Sachin's favourite charity is and whether he is donating the prize money towards this ..

Last Thurssday I watched the grand finale till the very end upto midnight. Everyone deserted me - Ashis was frankly disgusted - he is very frank and vocal when he is disgusted , Tani felt cheated , but since she had the 1st performance as a stone age primitive(clad in a Byculla Betty dirty yellow suit and off white slingbacks - to add pizzazz , I guess...) in Spectrum , she went off to bed and I sat there and watched and watched till I wondered whether I had wound myself down totally to the point where the key drops off.

MY favourite couple didnt win but no matter - someone else's did . What will endure in my mind is the shot of a fat girl with a bouncy ponytail,yellow jersey and pink jumpsuit skittering across the stage chased by a skinny partner .Also , Malaika's teeth are bigger than her twin assets ,Saroj ji's frosted look suits her ,but only when she is sitting down and Farhan has a most endearing well modulated lisp, but is a godawful stuffed shirt .

The wives were very coy and bridal which appealed to my middle class conservativeness and I suspect that had Bakul Rani watched the show , it would have appealed to her sense of propriety too.... more about "Garnier Fructis( it IS a bad shampoo) Nach Baliye " here


Unjustified Insanity~~ said...

i still don't get why people watch those soaps ( am referring to KGGK)

Unknown said...

Dear Unj In - Soaps can be very very addictive esp one as convoluted as KGGK. People watch soaps because 1) They are not studying like u are 2)because they probably dont read 3) because they dont like to talk to others 4) because they hate music except themes .... I can think of these reasons ..what are u doing surfing the net at 4 am in the morning ??

Unjustified Insanity~~ said...

#1 -- i think there's a time problem because even your comment is posted as "4:06 AM"
me being the lazy boi that i am could not have possibly in anyway be awake at 4 AM

"They are not studying like u are "
i'm studying ???
: O

Prerona said...

v nice :)

thanks for the visit

im visiting cal - be there on the 25th. cool!

Unknown said...

Unj In - you dont study ?????? Bad boy get back to your books this minnit .

erebus said...

Now... I know abt this show... in a very strange way.
The fact is that they ripped the concept from a show which was quite popular here (surprised? I didn't think you would be). It's called "Dancing with the Stars".. basically has a number of small celebrities dancing for weeks as they continue to get voted off. Kinda like Idol with extra bitchiness (especially from this one really pansy judge).
Anyway... I came to know abt this show because they actually referred to it one night. Told everybody how a show in India had been "inspired" by them and showed snippets of with some well-deservedly snyde comments (especially surrounding that "fat girl"). My friends had the chance to have a laugh at the expense of me and my race. Good times all around!