heresy and moments of madness

I took a heresy quiz
I stand defined as a socianian - whatever that may be within the parmaters of the Christian faith because of :-

You scored as Socinianism.
You are a Socinian. You deny the doctrine of the Trinity because you think God exists in a simplified unity.
Since this makes the Incarnation impossible, you see Christ's work as simply exemplary.
Socinianism 100%
Nestorianism 67%
Monarchianism 67%
Albigensianism 33%
Gnosticism 33%
Pelagianism 33%
Adoptionist 33%
Docetism 33%
Arianism 25%
Apollanarian 0%
Chalcedon compliant 0%

I am intrigued most by Chalcedon compliant - must look it up - what does one do to become chalcedon compliant, I wonder ?

At a wedding on Tuesday , a friend , fresh from 15 Park Avenue , said with her best Mona Lisa smile , that she was schizophrenic . Now M is more than slightly neurotic but schizophrenic ? Of course , I got to wondering what she would actually do if she heard voices other than Ramu's in her head... My knowledge of psychology is limited to the textbooks of abnormal psychology that I read with great relish during my 3 years of graduation ad from where I gleaned various nuggets of information and various articles and books that I have read over a period of time .

But then was Ramakrishna a schizo ? He heard voices in his head , he saw the goddess Kali in various forms , went into trances ( epileptic fits ...? )and so on and so forth - did they have straightjackets in those days ? And what about Joan of Arc ...visions and so on - mere hallucination and again those voices in the head

Poor Mithi , if only she'd said the right words instead of going on and on about Jojo ..

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