bored out of my wits ...

For the last 5 days I have been bored out of my wits . Well the first two weren't bad because the moving panorama of people sort of took up the time . The golf course looked lovely at each stage of the day - morning , nice and misty , afternoons - shimmering haze ,evenings were lovely - lengthening shadows , crickets chirping and the sudden long howl of jackals dangereously close ..the food has been abysmal and has given me indigestion , the Brits in sarees have tripped endlessly on stairs , the Hare Rama type looks increasingly puzzled when I respond with Jay Govinda to his Hare Krishna ( I wonder why - perhaps he hasnt drilled down deep enough to know u can respond with a Jay Govinda !)- he takes good care to greet me at least thrice a day . I shall now respond with Om Shivaya Namah .

Afterthoughts - i hate my job , the energy sector is going to die if they employ executives to loll around all day doing nothing , i havent checked my mailbox because it has about 200 official mails waiting to be acted upon and im blogging after ages ......... I feel too conspicuous , i hate studying class VI texts - I wsh i had studied all that Im teaching the prat instead of getting 0 in algebra in my clVI 2nd term exams - I might have been SOMEONE ( I would have been Srin and Tani's mom though because i would have married their father AG )

after afterthoughts .... The shortbread biscuits were nice though ......

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erebus said...

u lost me... where exactly have you been the last 5 days?
ANd what kind of work do you do exactly... my dad's actually in the energy sector...well.. just the opposite... alternative energy sector... So I guess he would be a competitor.