bouncing back....

After the blasts Mumbai returns to normalcy .. what exactly does this mean ? Is this a pat on the back to Mumbaikars for getting up on the day after ? Chandrima Bhattacharya reports that Mumbaikars are not too happy at being told that they have bounced back in the face of adversity; Shobhaaaa Deeee is vociferous about it . but what about this boy here . Jeetendra Dave carrying the ashes of his father - is he ever going to bounce back ?

There are no answers from 93 to 2006 either - Mumbai just plods along bouncing back to normalcy everytime an RDX happy terrorist group showcases an event . Politicians spin their spiels , news channels pep up their ratings by claiming to be the first with this story or that story ; what kind of intelligence systems do we have in place that cannot forecast a premediatated event of such magnitude ?


kaal boishakhi said...

sometimes thats necessary. sometimes the general public just needs to be stoic and keep moving on. thats pretty much all we can do.
and bitch of course. but we have you for that.

kaal boishakhi said...

dude..i meant bitch in the the best way. bitching at the system that allows this in the first place, appropriates and perpetuates it.
Bitch meaning political dissent. complaints.
beleive me. i know. my friend lived and took the russel square train in the london bombings and mumbai is a city i love dearly, and i was hugely affected by the news.

there seems to have been a misunderstanding of what message i was saying to you.

we must "bitch"..thats all thats left. voices of frustration...if theres enough of us perhaps things will change. perhaps not. we need to bitch regardless.

--peace out... bengin interpreatation!

suemamma said...

I guess there is no other way to go on if something like that happens to you, in a place you you want to/have to/need to be in. you force yourself to 'bounce back'.