fireworks ..and generations

Some of the children who came that day were bigger now and blase about fireworks - some were scared then and terrified now . There's a new set that wants to show off - with chocolate bombs - only we are clever now - we have the fireworks on the terrace so that the police do not catch any erring juvenile bombers .

Therefore , Romy was in his element setting off chocolates on the terrace whereas back in '99 , poor Ribhu (aka Shion ) and the dhobi's son Bideshi were caught by a constable on the road and although rescued by AG and Maju fled somewhere to resurface much much later , none the worse for his scare . The scare in this case was "Jimmy'r Ma" who we discovered later in very embarrassing circumstances.

The children then were full of laughter and spontaneity and great fun to be with - today's kids are too cool - that bunch read a lot , this bunch doesn't touch books , that bunch was slowly discovering the computer , this lot was born savvy , ergo , this bunch is carefully precocious , that bunch was childlike and remain endearing barring one or two exceptions , even today .

Have you realised Tupu - the gap between then and now makes you actually a generation apart ?


Shion Guha said...

khek khek... actually it was myself and Arjun... and boy, did we run that day...

Anonymous said...

hmm. true.

Dotm said...

Times sure have changed and kids seldom play the simple games of their parents and grandparents. Their games cost so much more.
Thanks for dropping by my blog and for wxplaining to me what Diwali stood for. So, I learned something new today.
I love the picture you posted in your festive season post.
May I ask what country Kolkata is located in?