family outings

We do our outings in parts - 2 of us or 3 of us - for a long long time there has not been the 4 of us .A good thing over the past fortnight was the 2 movies that we saw , the numerous friends we caught up with and the family that spent time together after a long time , although there were major sulks at seeing movies in "uncool "malls with dirty loos - which I prefer for bargain shopping and the chinese bhel in the foodcourt

That's not me - that's Bakul rani with her son, my husband - the other 2 are our daughters , both very embarrassed over my clicking away with my trusty camera phone . It was only later that I saw "Photography strictly forbidden " , but by then it was too late because I had already forwarded all the pix to my gmail .

And this is the itty bitty old lady we went to see the next day
meeting her is always a very evocative experience .


suemamma said...

only your husband doesn't seem to have minded the cameras!
The itty bitty old lady looks cute.

Anonymous said...

What evocative photos. I love photos of little old ladies. One day I'll be one and I think I'll take up modelling then. Someone did a photo essay in a nursing magazine here in New Zealand recently and the people were all elderly and in hospital or home care situations. The photos were soooo wonderful but there were lots of complaints. People just don't understand. Good on you for sneaking the forbidden photos. Glad to know someone in a far flung spot through blogging.

Unknown said...

@sue - he still doesnt know that there was a signboard behind him !!
@wordimp - welcome to india via my blog !I love this little old lady she needs a lot of TLC

Anonymous said...

Word Imp again. My real name is Sharon Holt. I think you can google it and find out how to buy some of the books I've written for children. Let me know if you want to know more. Are you from India originally?

Anonymous said...

Hi again
I googled my own name but not sure how successful you'll be. My joke book is the main one, it's published by Allen and Unwin and called "It's can make your own jokes". Others I've written are published by educational publishers in NZ and Australia called Learning Media and Thomson Learning so not sure whether you'd see any of them in India. Let me know how you get on. And, by the way, thanks for visiting my word imperfect blog and adding meanings for the words. It's great to see so many people having a go. I appreciate it so much. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Hi from the Atlantic Ocean. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a note. Family life with you sounds good and lively. We seem to have bougainvillea in common, my island in the sun is covered in them all year.