In Delhi Sharmaji , a UP Pahari ( now Uttarkhandi) , but long since resident in Delhi passed Appu Ghar without being aware of its whereabouts . It was only when AG demurred politely that he considered doing a U turna nand driving back all the way to the place.

Next morning he rattled into Jaipur and made merry every night. . The morning we left Jaipur, Sharmaji had a massive hangover and drove at 10kmph till every camel cart, bullock and pi dog was overtaking us . AG who did not have hangovers in those days told him to put his foot in whereupon we cleared the city limits and were out into the highway at 80 kmph scattering the public and creating superb chaos in the Pink City . Once on the highway the fresh air cleared his brain somewhat and we continued peacefully towards Agra .

Two days later , on the Mathura Road , just after lunch at a dhaba , Sharmaji , much in need of a siesta, cleared his throat and just outside th e2nd gate of the Mathura Refinery , put his right foot sans his shoe on the accelarator and lifting the leaving both clutch and brake in the hands of Krishna , folded up his left leg ..which went unnoticed until AG happened to glance Sharmaji ways ....

I still cannot fathom why AG didnt commandeer the steering wheel and neither can he but we havent had half as much fun on the roads since then..


hillgrandmom said...

when was this?
btw, a son & D-I-L are visiting Cal. was telling them about old Park St.:)

Poorna Banerjee said...

awesome. i looked today and there you were posting again... awesome.

Unknown said...

@ panu - then I should limit myself to 1 post a month in order to be less "awesome"?

Geets said...

Eve's Lungs,
Hi! Your comment came as a surprise. I'm so glad to hear that you are reading my book and that you've liked it so far. Waiting to hear from you after you finish it. If you haven't understood any Malayalam words do feel free to post a comment. I will be only too happy to clarify it for you.
Happy Reading!!!!