A good start to the day..

The early morning breeze is gentle and mild and staggered , escaping through gaps in houses , still fresh and without the additives of normal everyday living , the shutters of the teashop are still down so I know I am early - walking is best started between 5- 5.30 - there are fewer people , the roads are a little dirtier with the bags of garbage , food the cats and dogs didnt touch - early morning poo - human or animal , who know , puddles of pee , maybe or eater draining off the cars already washed .

Even the approach to the lakes is dirty - one peep over the bridge is enough - the connecting stream is clogged with plastic, rags, a dead mole floating face up , gaudy chandmalas ,remnant of a recent puja, still brigt and face up and despite the ban on immmersions at the lakes , one straw and bamboo arm arching up through the muddy slushy, mushy water .

But once in , it is peaceful and damp and quiet , there is a gentle breeze, the canopy of trees keeps the yet mild sun out . A little later when the trees thin out at the bend towards the Buddhist temple , the first strong rays create shimmer lines in the water - you walk a little faster so that you are away from the hurting light .

The skiffs on the water streak towards the small island , away from the clubhouses on the shore where, the boathouse of the Lake Club ,stark white in contrast to the foliage in the background and the blue -grey-gold water in front, looks beautiful .

I walk accompanied by jazz and baul - Satchmo,Sam Miles and Paban Das Baul - Its a heavenly start to the day .