bad hair day

Some days start well like today . But I really must do something about my phobic anxiety which attacks me with great force and very often during the day until its time to go home . Much like Tani and her physics paper wherein she starts writing her answers well but suddenly there's a great wall of ice which freezes her up and she's reduced to writing the question and then drawing a line . The three zeros look very accusing and fade beside the marks she has scored in the forst part of the paper .

Sometimes I repent that both my daughters share my mental make up and not their father's .

I wonder if it has something to do with chocolate deprivation .


Rimi said...

Could you elaborate on chocolate deprivation, please? *grin*

Anonymous said...

What! I dont go to pieces like bon! I dont share your mentalmakeup, please. Also, chocolate DEPRIVATION! Hahahaha, rrrrrright.

TC said...

I agree!!!!!!!!!!! chocolate deprivation???!!!!wht r u talking about!!!???!!!hahahahahaha!!! obviously you havent seen the older one in college!!!hehehehehehe!!!!

Shari said...

Chocolate: The ultimate chill pill. Calming effects. Has caffeine in it so it's a simulant. Isn't that something when you study for something and you think ou know the material well and then the test is in front of you and you experience brain freeze. Chocolate to the rescue. Now if only they'd make it calorie-free. :)

Unknown said...

@rimi - cant eat normal chocolate-mines laced with sorbitol

@numb- I know she can waffle up kilos of it by the minute

@shari- what about sugar free chocs ? they are comparitively low on fat

@totally mental - more than u think so there