Wagah is tremendously noisy - patriotic songs on both sides of the gates and people on both sides matching voice against voice - they are louder than us . An itty bitty old lady in a shirt and a sari with her pallu wound over her head and around her throat walks down the length of the road,hauling the tricolour , grandson in hand while the populace seated on the tiered stand cheers .On the other side grandpa in a green spattered white kurta pajama , hennaed beard and fez on head waved the Pakistani flag .

The BSF put up a fine show , the cockaded hat fanning out with each goose step the soldier took

and there was a lot of foot stompting and head turning and moustache bristling till the flags of both countries were bought down to be put away for the night

after which the gates clanged shut with a definite finality for the night .

The Golden Temple was beautifully quiet after all this brouhaha -.

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