retail therapy,birthdays past and present

The latest issue of Femina dissects in great detail the phenomenon of retail therapy . While I dont believe in retail therapy as a solution to depression ( on the whole I am a positive happy well balanced person ) I do fall prey to the Great Sale . Yesterday Srin and I came back with a great stash of goodies from the pottery counter at Nik Nish . Two teapots - one a four cupper , the other a barely 2 mugger , two sugar pots - one with a lovely glossy blue patina , the other a calm matte beige , three quirky demitasse cups , a lovely blue washed bowl and an orange and white fondue pot - not that I am likely to make fondue in it and one jar with a windmill etched on it . All for the royal sum of Rs 450/-. Immensely cheering .

Later I counted the bunions and corns on my poor feet while the Older one regally went through all the racks at a clothing store for two flat hours . Of course she was doing double duty - trying out clothes for herself and her sister who was busy answering a Chemistry examination therefore I could not put my foot down since such altruism is very rare

Owing to paucity of time and also the fact that we were weighed down with a ton of pottery we couldnt make it to Crossword . Neither did I buy me the bottle of Joop as a birthday present.

On a different note, turning 49 is not as scary as I had thought it would be , when I was eighteen and anyone over 25 seemed ancient . I keep remembering younger birthdays - one when I was six and it was a stormy wet evening with the rain lashing down , Ma and I waiting for Baba to come back from Chaibasa, another time when Baba took us on the Great Journey by car all the way from jamshedpur to Allahabad and we landed in Allahabad in the night in blinding rain and my Thakuma coming out , a rusty black umbrella over her head , to greet us - later birthdays always, with rain as a necessary background and in Calcutta , with the cousins and my sister and the aunts and uncles- excuses for the great family get together . Now August means exams and tutorials for Tani and sitting up and going through last minute revisions - it also means diamond earrings last year from AG and a pretty mug from the girls . The soap and dupatta Srin gave me two years ago are stashed away in the almirah ,too precious to be used .



Thinking Cramps said...

so you have an allahabad connection? me too. my father grew up there, south malaka.

anyway, your piece reminded me of something i wrote long back and thought i'd point you to it if you have time:

Shari said...

You are only as young as you feel. I think by the time one hits 30, you realize that it's just a number. You may be that old, but you don't feel that old.

Shopping isn't really all that much fun for me, either, as far as retail therapy goes. My bank account thanks me if I don't spend money. :)

Happy birthday. :)

Bong Mom said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Loved yours, read some of your back posts too.
Hey can you tell me more about that hotel in Puri, the one which you plan to stay in next time.
Hugs to tani & tupu

Anonymous said...

Err...hugs to Sandeepa?

Unknown said...

@Anamika- feels good to share roots
@Shari-Couldnt agree more about happy bank acounts, but feels good to splurge once in a while
@Sandeepa - Visiting your blog was pure vicarious pleasure
@Rood lil un - Maybe on Sandeepa's blog ? Youre not rood - quite the opposite . Dont try to creare false impressions about yourself

Dotm said...

Happy Birthday- a little late, but the wishes are sincere. I just enjoyed myself catching up with all the past posts that i had missed.