At home yesterday after a bad fall the evening before , I spent the whole day on the net . Surfing whooooeeeee through a veritable galaxy of blogs - some righteous , some full of the courage of conviction - all the Momma blogs happily recording the progress of their little uns and exchanging tips and ideas and in the process generating a fund of knowledge on child rearing  that would put a whole covey of mothers, mothers in law and grandmothers inc to shame , not to mention old Benjamin Spock on whom my mother relied so heavily . 

It made me wish that blogs and specifically momma blogs had existed when I was expecting my first child . All I had was a book on pregnancy which I raced through concentrating only on the part where the writer discussed labour contractions in great and avid detail. Not that it mattered because I had the shortest labour in history and the gynaecologist had to be literally kidnapped from another nursing home so that baby 1 cpould be delivered safe and clear.

After 20 and a half years of parenting Im still trying to figure out which stage was hassle free -  
I kept thinking maybe three years hence ? Five years down we were again making formula and changing diapers - then we were dealing with the green eyed monster , adolescent angst ,first crushes , pimples and assorted griefs not always voiced but which had to be sensed , some ignored and some dealt with - just when we thought we were over it - bang came the cycle round again it and we are now in it neck deep again with the younger one.

But all said and done , even if there is no rest for the wicked ,I am loving it , every goddamned minute of it . 


Thinking Cramps said...

:) I know, I think access to Mommy blogs has changed a lot about mothering. Any emotion you go through, chances are you know blogger ABC/XYZ has felt it, rationalised and that makes you feel part of a silent majority!

hillgrandmom said...

Yeah, eve, I agree with you about wishing this kind of stuff was around in our day. Would have been a real soother:)