INDIAN IDOL 3 Amit Paul-Nasha Yeh Pyar ka

I dont know about you but this guy absolutely rocks . For the last 3 months I have been following the re runs on Sundays and am keeping my fingers crossed . Not that he stands a better chance than his rival whose followers and well wishers have commandeered phone booths etc and even inspired jailbirds in Darjeeling to vote for him. May the best man or in this case the most voted for man win but as far as this song goes , only Amit could have triggered off this kind of biased hysteria amongst the judges . Check out the video and tell me I'm right !


The Weekend Blogger said...

This guy has Talent and even if he loses out to "hysteria" ...I hope that we get to see more of him in the long run ! And of Emon too.

Anonymous said...

First you play this awful song on full blast for an hour so loud that have to bloody give up on cavalier opetry and go to sleep THEN you insist on watching that awful show so loud that I have to give up on arthur Miller till you all go to bed. You are deaf, I think.

Lahari Chatterji said...

I think Amit was the most consistent of all the singers. He had never sang weakly.
All the other contestants in the final 13 were good singers but they all had their moments of weaknesses ( including my personal favourite Chang).
So Amit deserved to win but as expected Prasant won. If Prasant's victory makes the Gorkha population feel integrated in the Indian mainstream, then I'll say its worth it.

Sukhaloka said...

Well, my standards are extremely EXTREMELY high. But yeah, Amit Paul just about comes up to scratch. :).

Sad, innit? The runner-ups are so very awesome singers! I was completely rooting for Amit Sanaa the first time!

@Lahari... I am dead against making a MUSIC competition a political issue. What the hell happened to art for art's sake?

iz said...

I'm sorry! Too busy being obessess with Jhalak Dihklaja and Nach Baliye to look at anything else!

Unknown said...

WB - This is usually what happens when u leave judging to people who dont know anything

Suki - im pretty lowbrow right here right now but this dumb entertainment on Friday is all my tired brain can take in. And yes this guy's good
Taj - I dont believe in mixing politics with entertainment

Iz - Izzy what can I say .. I've commented on your latest post

Bong Mom said...

Emon and then Amit...kintu labh ta ki holo. Jotto shob bhul bhal voting

Elendil said...

:( My mom watches this one and the one on Zee Tv and I have to give up my weekend football matches. When will they end?