What started out as skywatching during boring interminable meetings has turned out to be an obsession . Today I excused myself on the pretext of a bio break and took the lift to the terrace , caught a few and resumed after 10 minutes .


Lahari Chatterji said...

In this city we are surrounded by a lot of filth but sky is one beautiful companion that we all have. Looking at sky reminds us of the beauty in this world, of the endless universe and God.

hillgrandmom said...

hey, love the new picture. btw, did the tag.

Anonymous said...

THE sky! THE sky!

Unknown said...

Lahari - That's right. Unless you count the ozone depletion which fortunately we cannot see like the garbage brought in by the waters into our blind lane !

Hillgranny- wait till you see the other cloudpix.

Grammarian- Tupu ? If you woke up early .. ah well.

Tin Can. said...
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