In high places

Isnt it marvellous ! If your daughter's choice of husband does not meet with your expectations you can always fall back on the police to create illegal pressure , even if your daughter is a consenting adult with all the rights assured to her by the Constitution but woefully denied to so many women . You can threaten, intimidate and deny rights and privileges to an average citizen. You can deny him justice - you can separate him from his wife - you can pressurise her into becoming a "good" daughter.

Of course to do all this you have to be a) Mr Moneybags and b) have a lot of very influential people in very very high places in your network. Of course being Mr Moneybags it goes without saying that you would have to know people in high places to get multifarious jobs accomplished.

I wonder how many of us realise how helpless we are in the face of such power .


Elendil said...

I realize. It scares the hell out of me.

Lahari Chatterji said...

Corrupt people can get away with all that because most of us are still very narrow minded. They utilize the evil within us to propogate their evil. For e.g. many people still think its a sin to marry against the parents' wishes.

Parul said...

Shameful, horrifying and disturbingly regressive.

indicaspecies said...

My heart goes out to the struggle of those lovers who have to defy tradition to marry persons of their choice, and as if that struggle is not enough they have to face family, community, and state agencies like the police, who treat them as criminals.

So much for the guarantee of individual rights of citizens in a democratic nation!

It's distressingly alarming.

Sonnjea said...

I have trouble imagining that this occurs NOW. Horrifying.

Hip Grandma said...

Shame that these things happen even in these days of technocratic supremacy and scientific advancement.But then truth is bitter and has to be faced and analzed.