Ana , my soul sister , has tagged me . I have to list 5 eccentricities e . Now I am pretty sure eccentric people think they are very normal- its only a deviation from a certain norm or a compulsion obsession with an issue that might make one an eccentric . I think I am pretty normal but yes , there are certain things I obsess about which have raised comments from my family and friends at some point or the other . So here goes :-

  1. Eccentricity No 1- I wash my hands - oh yes I do and how. I use about 3/4ths of the 1 litre jar of Dettol handwash that comes in each month . I wash my hands before and after I eat - that's pretty normal . I wash my hands before and after cooking -I wash my hands after soaking the clothe, after writing, after reading - I wash and I wash . My hands are pretty clean at the end of the day and no I do not feel like the Macbeths at all,thank you .
  2. I hate messes on my plate . I eat in small neat portions and 1 item after the other, not all together messed up anyhow and yes - I hate other people's messy plates .
  3. Sometimes after I have pulled a door shut and locked it I have been known to go back and check it more than thrice . And yes the result is the same each time - the door is always locked because I have locked it the first time around .
  4. I never ever walk barefoot . If I ever have to - for instance if we visit a temple somewhere I come back and wash my feet thoroughly with soap . And yes, I wash up with Dettol soap afterwards .
So there you are . I tag Hillgrandmom and Sonnjea B . Have fun - girls - calls for a bit of introspection,though !


hillgrandmom said...

aargh, you tagged me!

Sonnjea said...

Fun, though I'm sure I have NO eccentricities... Ha!

Anonymous said...

lovely reading more about you!

Lahari Chatterji said...

Earlier I had this hang up about washing hands. Now I only wash before and after meals and when I come home.

Squiggles Mom said...

I think all bloggers are hand washing obsessed! Me included :).

Unknown said...

Sue & Sonnjea - Waiting !!
Taj - :)
Squiggles Mom - Hi - I think it has something to do with maternity and having obsessively clean mothers, maybe?!

Kalyan - Thanks !

A Muser said...

Hehehe! I totally get the locked door. Don't know if it's an eccentricity or paranoia, though :)) Loved the Durga pic BTW.

Hip Grandma said...

the eccentricities mentioned are normal for most people.I too worry whether i have lockeddoors but only when i am a good 4 ms from home,slow thinker that i am.i have rung up my neighbor to check.

hillgrandmom said...

EL, need a bit more time. Can't think of any eccentricities. So will ask my offspring of what they can come up with :)

The Weekend Blogger said...

I left a similar comment on Anamika's blog , but after rreading your eccentricities, I don't feel alone any more...I am normal ! There are people just like me out there.

I am a very neat eater and I am extremely short with people who are messy eaters and for that matter whenever I go into a restaurant, I make sure that I am sitting with my back to the world so that I do not have to watch people eating !