Sunday Mornings

Last Sunday the morning began with a walk . Early mornings with the onset of winter is beautiful .
A hazy grey - green which changes to a bright blue with the leaves coming into focus as the sun rises . This is my favourite time of the day ..

AG 's favourite bit of the lake :-
After the walk we went for a drive around Kolkata and landed up at the Victoria Memorial . The old lady looked quite elegant in the early morning light . So did the statuary around the place.

After traversing the length of Kolkata we dropped into Saurashtra Namkeen at the corner of Southern Avenue and Lansdowne, for a packet of phuchkas . Tinkers luck - because he had run out of the stuff.So we made do with chaat papri and had dahi papri for breakfast . After that it was sheer drudgery - studying Physics and Bio with Tani for her exam. sigh.


ONEDIA said...

What georgeous photos. I like the simplicity of your page. I look forward to exploring it fully. I enjoy the commentary with the photos. Thanks for sharing your walk and your drive.

I love that blogs are windows to the world.

I just added U to my reader subscriptions.


hillgrandmom said...

EL This post brings back sooo many memories, almost a lump in my throat. Landsdowne Road, Victoria Memorial, puchkas, Dahi papri--too many. Been a really long time since I visited Cal. Wish I had a jolly good reason to come.

hillgrandmom said...

btw, where was the header photo taken? Lovely pic

Opaline said...

My hand, my beads, my photo. Macro shot. At home, held under a lampshade. Assuming reference is to present header photo.

hillgrandmom said...

well Opaline, the phot's great--so colourful. But actually when I had asked, it was about the earlier header.

Opaline said...

Fig-ured. =)

Elendil said...

It is so impossible to get out of the blanket in the morning in winter! Kudos to thee.

Usha said...

lovely pictures. Note to myself: Must make a trip to cal in winter.

eve's lungs said...

Onedia - Thanks . I liked your blog too and your daughter's .

Sue- Wait till I get to Park Street& New Market - you'll cry !

Opaline - choop kor

Elendil - Try it ,the air's so crisp - like a freshly roasted papad or yesterday's nimki at your local mishtanna bhandar!

Usha - do do come. We shall take you around the best photoshopped areas !

ONEDIA said...

I have been scanning through your posts, I am enjoying getting these peeks into windows so far away from me. YOur posts are shiny windows into your world. Thanks for opening the curtains for the rest of us.

I wish you short meetings, cooperative colleagues, and long lunches.


Moanna said...

Great photos. Found you from Onedia's blog. Will have to explore.

Anamika said...

Gorgeous pictures! Just back from a flying visit to Cal myself and I think I walked past this lake too. Is it the Dhakuria one near Southern Avenue? We even saw a water snake zipping along! And of course got 'blessed' by a bird.