Much has happened since September 2007 which should have resulted in long spiels of posts , had I been a sincere and earnest blogger ( There I go again , splitting my infinitives , but no matter ) In short and fine, much has happened in the last two months about which I could have blogged long and much but I did not , viz.,

  1. Rizwanur - Priyanka ( which I did ). However , what I did not do was link to an article in the TOI where the writer said that that Kolkata's burgeoning grief at the tragedy was triggered off only because "Rizwanur was one of us "- I don’t know what he meant by it and I did mean to voice my anger but I didn’t .

  1. Vishwakarma Puja and kites in the sky( Only in comments on fellow bloggers'posts)

  1. The repeated flooding of Kolkata - I know it’s boring but what can I do ? AG saw the mayor reading an edition of ghost stories at Delhi Airport en famille ,one day after Kolkata was absolutely awash , rather like Nero fiddling as Rome burnt.. I still have a lingering nail infection after wading through filthy scummy water and personally I would have liked to follow Star Ananda's trail on the mayor albeit via blogger but did not .

  1. That certain time of year just after the monsoons and before the Pujas when the skies and the weather are both absolutely lyrical - No I did not do a post although I took some great photographs on NH6.

  1. The Pujas - I was inspired into writing a post after seeing the images come in on Chaturthipuja blog although there were reams to write about . but thereafter I only posted pictures on my puja blog.
  2. A response to Ana's post on being a prabashi Bengali and trepidating ( That;s the only word I can think of ) on her first puja visit to Kolkata . But no , I drafted a few lines and left it at that. Ana and I share Allahabad roots where our paternal side is concerned and I could have written pages on how I felt an absolute fool at times with my cousins in Kolkata because they were so superciliously Bengali.

  1. Nandigram - I was stunned into silence and still find it hard to digest the fact that issues like laying siege to and holding an area captive , inflictiing rape ,loot, arson on the captured area – under official political sanction can happen in Bengal , in the cause of industrialization .Tomorrow it can happen in my locality under some other pretext . Like all ordinary citizens we are helpless against this onslaught of immense might and power So I did not post .Neither did I comment. Or march . Because at the end of the day marchers either get shoved into police vans or end up giving interviews and as a "gorment servant" I cannot afford that . . So for about a week there were marches and round table discussions on the news channels with the same players circulating and the same footage of Nandigram being aired . Neither the ruling government nor the politburo members were unduly perturbed and remained adamantly offensive about the tremendously fascist acts they perpetrated .

  1. Kali Puja - Some great photographs notwithstanding I did not post although I wished a lot of people Happy Diwali.

  1. The onset of winter- Though not sharply defined as in the North , early morning walks have been pleasant and the sun rising through the mist over the Dhakuria lakes has been very Monet and very beautiful . The sharp crisp air in the evening as I walk back home ,4 blocks, has also been pleasant with the whiff of woodsmoke and damp dew laden earth .Also pleasant to watch has been the BONG ( I'm sorry for shouting but I cannot resist it ) attired for his evening amble in muffler and a dusty brown black monkey cap – the one winter apparel the Bong cannot dispense with , once the wind blows, northerly,northerly !)

  1. A visit to Patna which was in so many shades of a very depressing brown I felt blue for weeks .

Having said so much I wish I could write profound ,thinking posts on meaningful topics or witty ramblings or just plain record what my family did over the day or just rant so that I could have some archives to look at when my memory plays tricks .

Let me turn this into a tag ,then,for people who I admire for their detailed posts and who obviously take their blogging seriously. Should be a tough task for them. So I tag Hiphop Grandmom,Usha,Suki,Sonnjea ,Anamika and Sue to put down (I'll be merciful ) 5 things they wanted to post about but did not . Also JAP for being such a sporadic blogger.Oh and tagging Rimi too.


Hip Grandma said...

I went through your list and quite agree that the anguish one feels on a visit to Patna or at the tragedy of Rizwanur'r death cannot be summed up in words.Nor can the joy one feels when the weather becomes poetic.will take up the tag.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

No post because no laptop, no time and no inclination (due to general blues)

But shall endeavour to get around to it.


Hip Grandma said...

Done your tag.

Thinking Cramps said...

Hey, will do this. Just give me a few days. On a deadline :( This is an interesting tag and I'm already thinking about it and looking through my drafts!

Usha said...

Done Done a done !

Bong Mom said...

Hey had you ever stayed in Patna ?

Unknown said...

Okay girls - thanks - for doing the tag!
Sandeepa - Nope but I grew up in akhandit Bihar ie Jamshedpur.

NWRMK said...

Sue, you err, you are indeed eloquent and provide a keen insight for me into what is happening in your part of the world. You caused me to google and go to wikipedia to learn more about your references. Thanks so much for keeping my window to the world open.

Peace and Light!


Sukhaloka said...

It's been a LONG while since I was last on your blog, am finally getting round to this tag now.