For want of a bridge a tooth was lost

Yesterday I lost a tooth . On the way to office one of my front teeth which had been capped about 8 years ago suddenly waggled . Having reached office I called up my dentist . The guy wouldn't pick up his phone till I sms ed him that my tooth was coming loose whereupon he called me to his chamber ASAP .

He hummed and hawed and cemented it with dentist's cement - I don't know what it is called . It waggled the whole day and kept bumping against my upper lip. I am not sure how I got through the day . Hungry as 2 horses I could barely manage my dinner and the damned thing just popped out . I cannot express my relief at seeing the horrendous thing in my hand . I had quite forgotten the fiendish torture I had had t undergo. Root canal treatment over maybe ten sitting , five for each tooth . Then the tooth was filed and sharpened to fit it inside the cap - a ghoulish thing made of steel and ceramic and screwed to the bridge with a miniature brass screw - crowned so to say . The damned thing is too heavy for my old gums which explains why it caved in .

The upshot is now I am without one front tooth . I cannot laugh as I love to do , nor can I talk or yell because the words slip trough . I cannot bite my lip or nails and I feel a strange pain in the space where my tooth used to be . When I bare my teeth I look like the fiends in the horror serials on Star One . I have to wait till the 30th because my dentist has scarpered and let me tell you it is extremely difficult to say any words with "f' and 'v' because they slip through so although I had to I could not say

The F word ( which is a good thing )

Also I went around with an A4 sheet held in front of my mouth . I cannot look at myself in the mirror and I have to practise talking with my head down

And all because I didnt go the dentist in time ...


hillgrandmom said...

Oh you poor thing! If it's any consolation to you I have many gaps in my mouth, so that I've learnt to mostly smile with my mouth shut :)

La delirante said...

Sorry to hear that :( I can imagine that it must be very uncomfortable for your :( but thankfully the 30th is just round the corner :) I am also looking forward to it (you know, pay day) :)

Shari said...

The thirtieth will be here before you know it. You'll have that tooth fixed and be yourself again.

Sonnjea said...

Oh, that's terrible! There are at least a couple of words on your list I'd have trouble doing without, and the inability to laugh or smile is so sad. I hope the time passes quickly for you and you're smiling in no time!

dipali said...

Does that mean that we won't meet next week? I m happy to meet you sans tooth/teeth, but you should feel comfortable.
yes, root canals and capping are both most torturous.

Unknown said...

@ la delirante - extremely so - cannot open my mouth
@ Shari and Sonnjea - Thanks - till then I shall not grin and bear it
@ Dipali - of course we shall -will call you for an appointment :P.Ou mutual friend is thrilled !But alas , says she cannot come - let's bully her

Anonymous said...

Oog. Much sympathies. We are petriefied of dentists ourselves.

On another tack, do you ever feel like you're 5 and the tooth-fairy should be leaving you a gift? :-D

Shaapla said...

I'm sorry about your tooth, but this post will make go to the dentist for sure. I don't remember the last time I went.

Mary Ann said...

As I read this, it's the 28th, so I'm thinking your visit to the dentist is soon. I know just how you feel, having a broken front tooth myself once.