A Tag or what you will

A tag from my oldest blogfriend , dear Hill grandmom , which travelled to her from another old blogger friend HHG. So here it is :-

My oldest memory:

Travelling from Jamshedpur to Allahabad and back via Rewa and Varanasi in old Trusty , my father's Ambassador driven by our driver Durgada . I was three and my memories of that journey are quite graphic, especially the arriving in pelting rain at my aunt Mili's house in Allahabad , where I saw my grandmother consciously for the first time - a small delicate frail lady with the loveliest aquiline nose which her children inherited and a very sweet fluting voice. It was my birthday too and they all chorused happy birthday and carried me in to the house .I was a much petted child.

Ten years ago:
The girls were younger and life was less complicated than it is now .We went to Delhi, Jaipur ,Agra for a holiday and my Ma was still alive and well .

My first thought this morning:
Aha , its Sunday . AG is doing the weekly fish and veggie bazaar and omigod he's gonna come home at 12 , then I'll want to cook some fish ,and by the time the food is cooked and I've washed my hair and we've done lunch it's going to be 3.30 . That's exactly what I though and it's what actually happened !

If you built a time capsule, what would it contain:

A Motorola cellphone from the early 90's - we have one lying around somewhere,a floppy disk(the larger ones), my first Kodak box camera, the HMV fiesta record player and an old Herald car , if I can find it , a chulha, a batery operated emergency light with an explanatory note on power shortages and books .

This year:
My older daughter left home to study in another city and my family is now minus one chick for most part of the year - another part of growing up for all of us . Sporadic terrorist attacks culminating in 26/11 will ensure that this is a year which I am not about to forget easily .

14 years from now:
I hope my family is safe, healthy and happy and that I am in full possession of my physical and mental abilities and that the world is a better place than it is today .

By the rules of the game I must pass on this tag . And so here you go , Chandni, Sunayana and Anamika .

On another note an FB friend sent a link of this song , sung by Hayley Westenra of Celtic Women. One song sung in two very different ways . Simon and Garfunkel . a version we are accustomed too , since it is an enduring favourite of most Simon and Garfunkel fans. I would have preferred uploading the canticle but couldnt find a link , but this will suffice . And the one by Hayley Westenra has haunted me - her voise is pure and lilting and she lends a mystic air to the song


Anonymous said...

do u mean me???

i already did this tag a while ago !!

Thinking Cramps said...

Done :) Your timing was perfect - had just logged in to post about something which I forgot the moment I saw your tag!

I echo your 14 years from now sentiment by the way.

Spontaneous Mini said...

I love the Celtic Women. We often make it a point to switch to channel 9 when they host Celtic fests.
Dim lights, Good Wine and Celtic music....

Hip Grandma said...

your account of what life was 10 years ago made me feel nostalgic.Why didn't time stop ticking when kids were young?Why? Oh why is what I ask.
You've done one tag and I giving you another.Take your time No hurry.

Mallika said...

That was fun. I certainly related to the Sunday plan from back home. Have a great 2009 dear namesake. Life will change and soon like my mom, you'll get used to life without the daughters around all the time and vaguely enjoy it! :-)

Mama - Mia said...

this made a nice read! :)

happy New Year EL! Have a brilliant year ahead!



hillgrandmom said...

That was cool Mallika! Thanks!