In defence of a blogger

I was shocked to read here , about how a blogger , Chyetanya Kunte was forced to withdraw a post he had written on Television reporting during 26/11. For those who watched the channels over that long drawn period , it was evident that all the channels were vying with each other ,to project their footage of the events as they unrolled ,with scant respect for the operational strategies or the feelings of people they cornered for quotes - people just rescued , or waiting for news from inside and even families who had lost loved ones . It was a relentless , hysterical pursuit for "that quote", "that angle", "that scoop". In the process , perhaps , what was sacrificed at times was common decency at respecting the right to grieve and mourn - in the righteous endeavour to hold up to the waiting public , all the right scoops at the right time - give the public, the vicarious satisfaction of having pried into private griefs and sorrows, at commando strategies and hand to hand battles , right there in the drawing room or bedroom wherever the television set was kept .

While TV coverage drew a lot of flak from various sources , what is mystifying here is why Chyet anya Kunte has been singled out for libel by NDTV for voicing an opinion a lot of people actually felt and expressed in various forums and over a period of time .

After all , Mr Kunte was expressing an opinion as he very well can under the constitutional rights for freedom of speech and expression ,afforded to him as an Indian citizen. It is sad that the media which endorses and upholds and fights fiercely to keep this freedom in place ,could stoop to garroting an individual for expressing an opinion .

It is at times like this that one wonders where we are heading . Is freedom of speech and expression , then limited only to the elite media ? And then, who is the deciding factor ?


Cee Kay said...

Yes, it is interesting to see how the very media which is based on freedom of speech can squash someone else's freedom. Barkha should have implemented her own advice (you can always flick the channel) - she could have clicked the "X"!

bird's eye view said...

The media was incredibly irresponsible during that time, and I can't believe their outrage at getting that pointed out

hillgrandmom said...

I so totally agree with the views of CKunte. As I see it, there were so many people who felt the same--maybe not just about NDTV, but about all the channels' coverage. So then, why has he been singled out and that too by the media which screams about freedom of speech all the time?

Jane Turley said...

I followed the links - what outrageous behaviour. I am constantly amazed at the omnipotence of the media; it'a about time they were taken in hand.

NWRMK said...

I love your new photos.Yes I agree that the situation is unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

while I understand that just like anyone else the media chick in question too has a right to sue someone....I just think being in the position she is, that's a horrible and unnecessary thing to do!

All she needs to do it come on TV and declare her perspective.....thousands will know in a flash.

To bully someone with the power of lawyers and money is not just outrageous, but also makes sure that even those who didn't know about this, now know.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Tch. Don't get uptight about this non-issue.
Read Falstaff's post -


Anonymous said...

Someone asked me a very valid question -- Why did this particular blogger alone apologize, any insights ?

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