This new arrogant brashness and arrogance coupled with insolence scares me . I must admit that if I am walking and a bike or a car driven by a young man comes from the wrong side I do shout but not without a small niggling fear inside me of the person doubling back and ramming me from behind , just because I dared to call out when he was having fun.

My friend Kiran's post is all the more frightening because it happened in the confines of her apratment complex where her child was playing and which admittedly should offer more security than on the road , the perpetrator being a small time actor on the small screen with an unshaven face and a glare. The guy apparently doubled back , when Kiran protested and threatened to run down the child the next time , issuing a palpable threat and backing down only when Kiran's husband took him on , thereby proving
  1. That he is a bully who likes to insult and take on people who cannot match him physically viz.. women and children.
  2. That he is arrogant and insolent and intimidates women and children since he is supremely confident of scaring them off by cursing , swearing and yelling even when he is wrong - just because he is a man
  3. That he has no finer feelings and hates apologising even when he is in the wrong , like almost running down a small child and not apologising
  4. That he is a coward and is frightened when accosted by someone bigger than him or maybe just a man , like Kiran's husband
However he has to remember that other than being a public figure - (though I am not sure of his "bigness" since I do not follow TV serials and the plastic one dimensional characters that populate them ), he is also a human being , endowed I hope with a modicum of learning and I am sure ,values, of which love for one's fellow beings and compassion for all living things must surely figure.

And these values must surely add with them the rider of being aware of when one is wrong and when one is right and the discerning ability to adapt one's behaviour to the circumstances rather than behaving in a loutish, insolent manner as I understand from Kiran's post ? And together with it some road sense, proper driving skills and some ethics and manners .Is that too much to ask , Mr Gaurav Chopra ?

Although I have no knowledge about you ( although I did make an effort to google your name )isnt it unfortunate that we should meet like this, but as my other friend, Dipali says ,and I quote " but now for me your name will forever be associated with arrogance and cowardice."


Banno said...

Yes, much as I'd like to instill bravery in Dhanno, I actually do feel frightened of her taking anyone on in school or on the road, because people seem to be more aggressive and violent these days. Or we just hear of these cases more.

I don't watch TV soaps either, so don't know who Gaurav Chopra is, but someone who can threaten to run down a child is beneath contempt.

Jane Turley said...

People, especially young men, are definately irresponsible on the roads - that's over here in the UK too - I suppose they think they are invincible.

That was a very dangerous situation indeed. You would have thought a a high profile person would be more careful given the damage it could do to his reputation. Obviously not.

I was once verbally abused by a male pedestrian for parking (legally) - where he wanted to cross the road! Unbelievable! I was gobsmacked! Anyhow, he so offended me I lost my temper and gave him a load back! 10 years ago I wouldn't have done that but now I just won't take that sort of sexist rubbish.

Anyhow once he realised he wasn't going to reduce me to tears and I was giving as good I'd got he left sharpish. I still remember it though - one of the few real sexist things I've experienced. I guess I've been lucky that I've not had that many...

Mama - Mia said...

it was really a horrid incident! everywhere people are driving like maniacs these and am not so sure it is because they are in a hurry to reach someplace.

but to not care about children playing in the complex, almost hitting one and then not apologising. its just beyond low!

Anonymous said...

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Subhashree said...

So true.

Rimi said...

We should hardly be surprised, Ruma mashi. After all, when Salman Khan ran his car over sleeping footpath-folk, the people who came out in his defence proclaimed that he should be let off, because he donates to a lot of charities and asks for no publicity for them. And I saw a number of my acquaintance nod thoughtfully and go, "Oh I didn't know he did that... I suppose that makes it all right". All Chopra needs to do now is hand out candy to kids at Dharavi, currently of Slumdog fame, and his reputation shall be prettily shiny again.

As for sexism, one almost expects it in India. But the level of sexism in the US appals me. I've never before experienced such a mass consensus (male and female) on the notion that women are emotionally fragile, hormone-driven, intellectually inferior irrational creatures. And this idea is now being exported to India as well, where the nature of conservatism did not involve marking all women out as potential nutcases.

Just think back a litte: did you ever encounter the notion of PMS till about 15-20 years back? People stare at me here when I tell them I do not, in fact, feel weepy or bitchy or clingy or murderous because it's a certain time of the month. One of them informed me this is because Indians haven't access to "proper" medical information yet. Once they do, they shall suddenly acquire the necessary craziness that seems to accompany feminity here.

NWRMK said...

It seems that this type of rudeness is all over the planet. Somewhere in the last quarter century we seem to have bred people so self focused that they see no need to be reasonable or kind.

Sorry I have been gone so long. I promise to come by more often.

hillgrandmom said...

This kind of behaviour is unacceptable from anyone, whoever it might be. It really is scary that people have become so uncaring and self-centred--or maybe he was high on something?

bird's eye view said...

you're so right about being scared of taking on any of today's louts - they seem to have no limits nor fear.

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Isn't it always true that cowards are arrogant little a---ho--s? I just can't stand the wannabe-cool-dudes who think manliness can be purchased on wheels for a few lakhs and that driving thoughtlessly can make a jerk a man.

w said...

What a coward that guy is!! He's big headed!

I agree with Jane Turley, there are so many irresponsible people on the roads.

Rohini C Sekhar said...

Hi Sue....thanks for your comment on my last post....I could not blog for a year since I quit my job and I don't have a pc.....but now I'm back and have started writing.....and hope to continue...

do tell me about yourself! would love to get to know you.....i like making friends and cal is a frendly place rite?! but, i'm hating the weather now....its so hot now, what do we do when its peak summer?!!!!

neways, tk cr!

Rohini C Sekhar said...

oops!!!! what a faux pas...sorry for calling u sue......i hope u don't mind.....loads of love and apologies....rohini

Bong Mom said...

Taher ta amader jonyo already acquired taste. Sorsher tel er gondho bhalo lagle bhalo lagbe, ami tel ta te ekta tej pata ar clove o diyechilam

Mystic Margarita said...

Happy Holi to you and your family. Where are you - no posts for long?

Unknown said...

Hi all - horrible isnt it when male bravado takes over their finer sensibilities ? I am glad it provoked you into thinking and agreeing .
Banno- yes this is scary when you think of the girls
Jane- I suppose women give in easily - calling the bluff would have some effect .
MM -exactly my thoughts
Rimi- PMS ! Ah there lies another para 2 some women like to feel that way.
O- dont worry Im long gone from my own blog
HHg/BEV/LaD - Methinks he was high on himself
Sandeepa - Kintu bhaatey ?
Mystic-Plain lazy ?

AMIT said...

People should be careful of such people.

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