Sexist stances

This is what The Telegraph has to offer this morning as a derogatory comment on the state of the declining law and order situation in West Bengal .

Although there is a disclaimer below the picture , apart from the political scenario in West Bengal which actually prompted the piece as well as the "haha" photograph ,I wonder what exactly the paper wants to convey - that women are indecisive ? Or inefficient perhaps ? That to take command of a situation you have to hitch up your jockstraps, light a Marlboro and ride off barking orders left and right and lay about you with a cudgel if they are not followed ?That only a man , by default , can be the ruling faction ?

And then , by the law of deduction, if a man cannot do all these things , put him in women's clothes , slip a few bangles on his wrists and make a mockery , not of the man actually, but of all womankind in general ? By de categorising him, in effect ?

And then they slip this in the Metro section of the paper and call it role reversal .....

(photographs downloaded from The Telegraph)


hillgrandmom said...

Can't believe that in this day and age! Ridiculous.
btw , love your new banner :-)

Itchingtowrite said...

Jane Turley said...

I agree Mrs G, that is not a funny photo. It's pretty offensive to any woman. Still, you must console yourself that these men are actually the law makers - and they haven't done a very good job. Fact. We don't need to say much else do we?

Onion Insights said...


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Usha said...

Cliches, cliches!
This is unbelievable. Which era are they in?
Want me to come over for a protest rally outside the newspaper office?

NWRMK said...

Unbelievable ! Your post is wonderfully written and so on target.

Unknown said...

@HHG _ really ,I ask you and then the next day they ask us to be tolerant about the joke
Itchy my love - yes yes I shall do it
Mrs T -Fact . But not bolstered by nonsense :)
Usha - come , Im game and can ring up numbers
Onedia - unbelievable is right . I couldnt believe my eyes

Hip Grandma said...

I stopped buying Telegraph earlier this year and switched loyalties to Hindustan Times. I'd like to ask those who make a joke of the femine energy in this manner whether men can multitask like a woman even for a single day? were it not for their female partner many men would fumble and falter when asked to make quick decisions. It is quite another thing that when things go wrong they'd quickly blame the wife.

Sue said...

Achchha, I'm not liking your profile pic. Your eyes are nicer than that!

And haven't I told you, Telegraph poro na?

Unknown said...

hahahahaha. awesome post. and bloody good pic the second one. :D

AMIT said...

hahaha just laughing.Good post posted by you.

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Anonymous said...

It will be a long time before they will even begin to see that this is offensive... and it is interesting that when a woman is being aggressive she is behaving like a man.
Haven't you heard :"She maybe just a girl but she will be a son to her parents!"?

Sujata said...

How very offensive! Sends out wrong message out....

Kalyan Karmakar said...

Hey very nice blog. I thought The Teleraph would know better given that it took a woman to get the CPIM to heel after 20 yrs. No wonder i read the Statesman when i was in calcutta

Bong Mom said...

Shubho Biyoya'r Pronam Maliikadi. Poribar er baki der janya priti o shubhechcha roilo

Pujo'r chobi koi ?

Mallika said...

Ki oshobbho. Shubho Bijoya. Where are you??

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