Black and White Wednesday

The flurry of activity of little hands on Sandeepa's blog took me to Black and White Wednesday , a photo event that Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook runs every Wednesday .
Therefore apart from some wonderful recipes that  I have been trawling through  the last 2 weeks , off and on , there is also some wonderful food related photography .

Come winter and along with the huge variety of vegetables in the market , comes a haul of fish that Bengalis enjoy only in winter - small pomfret , tyangra maachh cooked with greens , parshey with mustard , the aar and boal, my favourites - full of fat , to be cooked with onions and chillies in a spicy but delicate gravy - the chillies , onions and the spices melding together and complementing each other in a flavourful dish to be eaten with steamed rice .

So ,in anticipation of the good days to come , here goes my contribution , shot at the local fishmonger's one evening last winter !

                                       THE DAY'S HAUL 


dipali said...

Lovely shot!

ME said...

I will choose fish over chicken...simply ,love it!
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Unknown said...

Yo Dippy - I'll make some for you .
ME - Cant say I love either but yes , fish over chicken any time !

roses said...