The Weight Loss Club - Devapriya Roy

Devapriya Roy's second novel is a polished piece of work with superb delineation of character , entirely plausible  three dimensional characters who are down to earth and are likely to live with you or around you . She has a superb knack of exposing the  foibles and  eccentricities of her  characters with gentle humour and an indulgent wit. In essence she captures middle class Kolkata and cuts through it with a sharp scythe .

A terrific storyteller ,her language is fluid and clean ; she has an eye for detail - whether she is describing interiors , nature or the story of Sandhya's ancestors .

The storyline revolves around a housing society , a typical society peopled by a variety of people from different backgrounds - it has Monalisa Das , the typical in your face mother one comes across , pushing their children to heights of brilliance with no idea of their capabilities , there is Meera , the typical Bihari bahu running to fulfil the demands of an exhausting family , Mrs Mukherjee pushing  her mutinous daughter into the marriage market, Apu the daughter and Abeer the son , both highly individualistic and tormented by their respective angsts , the Anglo Indian couple tormented by the wife Treeza's morbid depression , Ananda Bose who cares for his doughty domineering sick mother and essentially ,  the story of Sandhya , the spiritualist who weaves her webs and binds them all together .

A wonderful read which one has to read in one go !


dipali said...

Truly a wonderful portrait of our life and times!

Sue said...

I can hardly wait to read it.