At dawn  , there is a gentle Northerly breeze which blows in as I open the windows in the dining room . The sun is barely there - a pale golden wash in the dawn sky .

Two houses down the gardener is at work , collecting the twigs , branches and fallen leaves , making a bonfire in the vacant lot behind the house . Soon the air is filled with the smell of fragrant smoke - like that rising from a sacrificial fire , so much so that I am confused that someone is doing a puja , but I dismiss the thought - it is evidently  fragrant wood .

A conch shell blows and the sun bursts forth and I can smell incense mingling with the woodsmoke creating an impossibly aching feeling of benediction which leaves me feel truly blessed .


Sue said...


eveslungs said...

LOL okay

Unknown said...

Hope you continue to have this feeling!

Ruma said...

Blog more..please.

La Figlia Che Piange said...

Beautiful. These dawns make all else worthwhile.