Neither here nor there ....

My sister commented that it makes her uneasy - this neither summer nor winter phase .

The sun is hot during the day but with a dry cool crisp underlay , the evenings are cool and breezy and at night I need a blanket , oh yes and the fan on - adds to the fun . Its still too early for the ac , not that I haven't toyed with the idea .

But the afternoons are something else - the hot smell of the mango trees , elusive but sharp and the long wavering yearning call of the koel right through the afternoon , the nap unhampered by a sweaty body , the cool breeze as the sun sets in blazing fury .

I wish Nature would stop right here at Spring and not go forward .


hillgrandmom said...

Unfortunately we have no such thing as spring here. It's either hot, super-hot and humid or raining!

Brooke Higgins said...

keep posting. Luton parking meet and greet