If you want to eat out in Puri other than the hotel you're staying in - all you'll get is a mish mash of cuisine that's neither here nor there - mostly"Authentic Chines ,Bengali and Moghlai" as Santosh Hotel advertises . There are no authentic Orissa eating joints on the lines of Dalma in Bhubaneswar - so if you are staying for a week and are tired of eating jumbled up hotel food ( even the Mayfair where we were staying , was bad ) , you can hop down Chakratirtha Road to the Honey Bee cafe.

It's a small neat place with interesting benches , sital paati on the walls , square polished tables , lanterns hanging from the ceiling and eclectic music - we heard beautiful jazz one day, some Western classical another evening and a Jagannatha stotra one morning when we had breakfast. The owner bakes his own bread and pizzas , buys his cheese from the Eastern hills and laments that the weather will not permit him to make it himself.

The tuna garlic spaghetti and the plain old macaroni cheese were delicious .
So was the cappuccino with its cinnamon sprinkle

and the filter coffee
But the piece de resistance was the chocolate pancake , more of a hot cake than a crepe.
But to be fair the creme caramel at the hotel wasn't that bad


dipali said...

Most delicious pictures! I'm inspired to make myself some sugar-free custard:)

Unknown said...

@Dipali- with sugar free natura - yumyum

Mama - Mia said...

yummy pictures!

isnt finding good food indeed the BEST thing!! :D and if good music accompanies it warm service, life cudnt be betta!!


Jane Turley said...

Mrs G..are you trying to make me hungry????!!!! Oh... chocolate pancake...dribble, dribble.....

hillgrandmom said...

That choc pancake looks too unbelievable tempting. Great photographs!

La delirante said...

How I love creme caramel :) I have just prepared one for Red and myself :) taking advantage of the fact that I am at home (study leave).

Mystic Margarita said...

Yummy! Glad you had a great vacation with good food :) Welcome back to the grind!

Unknown said...

@ Mamma mia - couldnt agree more
@ Mrs T - I resort to such subterfuge to lure you away from your housework
@HHG - it was yummy but alas I cannot replicate it - they turn out more like CHOCOLATE PARATHAS
@ La D - Creme caramels are yummy
@ Mystic - Dont know about great vacation but yes it was a change

Anonymous said...

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NWRMK said...

I do like a creme caramel or any custard type of dessert. Sounds like a nice place.

Dotm said...

Never had a chocolate pancake, but everything sure looks delicious. I don`t eat a lot of sweets, but it sure would be hard to look at those and not want to eat them.