About me - a tag

Usha tagged me on this - it needs a lot of thought and I'm definitely not a thinker. I am not a very personal blogger in the sense that I talk very little about my current life, my family, my feelings and my profession .I would never rant when I have a spat with AG because that's between him and me and like rational adults ( dont grin, jewel) we sort out our differences . But yes , had blogging been around when I was younger perhaps I would have ranted and broken less china and alarm clocks . Looking at me ,you would never know what I was feeling
Yes I do talk about my childhood but that's because its a part of me which I truly miss because my parents who were in it, are no more and when I talk about it , I feel that they are around, in some way .

I am:absolutely naive about people
I think: I should pump up my self esteem. I have an absolutely rocbottom Firo B score every time I take the test
I know: that I should not be flippant when people around me are dead serious but what can I do ?:P
I want: people to remember me with love when I am dead
I have: a very loving family
I wish: all children could be happy and carefree .
I hate: liars
I miss: my long,luxuriant,black and beautiful hair .
I fear: old age
I feel: too much . I wish I could be somewhat of a blockhead at times.
I hear: the television all the time and I don't like it
I smell: the nape of Tani's neck - it still has the baby smell and wispy curls that I love nuzzling. I also smell old books at the second hand bookshops in Gol Park and in the office library
I crave: death by chocolate , moist , dense ,dark chocolate cake with crumbs that melt in your mouth ,soft light chocolate souffles
I search: for names of people when I meet them after a long time because I forget them easily
I wonder: if there is life after death- f there is , dear God, make me the Vodafone pug in my next life
I regret: my profession. I wish I was in publishing or academics
I love: drinking tea with AG on Sunday mornings at the Makaibari van in the Lakes
I ache: when I see little old ladies begging because they remind me of my Thakuma ( grandmother)
I care: about not upsetting people
I am not
: very good with numbers
I believe: that there is an innate goodness in every person
I dance: when I'm tiddly or when Lalit commands all of us to dance at HR meets ,then I dance with Suresh
I sing: when my favourite Rabindrasangeet is playing
I cry : when I'm upset and want my mother. This happens mostly when I'm sick .
I don’t always : try hard enough
I fight : for petty things
I write: down the tasks I have to complete so that I don't forget.
I win: the card games on my Nokia
I lose: graciously
I never: interfere with other people's lives
I always: try to be good.
I confuse: faces and names.
I listen: to my children. Its always a command performance from me.
I can usually be found: on the net at around 9 pm
I am scared: of losing my eyesight and not be able to read and write.
I need: to be loved
I am happy about: life in general .

I would like to tag Onedia , A Muser, Mystic Margarita ,Opaline and Hillgrandmom .Also Anamika ( don't kill me sweetie, I know you love tags ).


Spin said...

How nice of you to mention the alarm clocks. Do lucidate. =P

A Muser said...

Can I just copy and paste, EL? That's me in a nutshell. Except the part about drinking tea with AG, of course. Though I'm sure if I knew him, I would love to do so! But yes, the naivete about people (or idealism), the worry about losing my eyesight, the crying when I am sick and want my momma, confusing faces and names (very bad for a journalist)... hey, we could be twins!

Unknown said...

@Opaline - I think you would be in a better podition since you did a snitch on me to AG

@ A Muser - sure go ahead - I found I shared a lot with Usha - I just couched it in different terms .I find most of us have a lot in common :)

A Muser said...

EL, I tried to be original, in some places at least. Check it out...

hillgrandmom said...

oh, oh, oh--another thinking tag! Will take me time to think it out EL. But will do.

Thinking Cramps said...

:) I totally agree with I care, I am not, I am scared, and I need..

A Muser tagged me for this too. And as I told her, my name isn't THINKING CRAMPS for nothing.

Got to do a lot of thinking for this! But will certainly get around to it. Thanks.

Mama - Mia said...


would there be happiness without chocolate?!

first time here, and you shall see me often!!



A Muser said...

EL, sorry... hadn't realized you'd already tagged Anamika!

Unknown said...

no issues - shell have to think and think

Sonnjea said...

A very interesting list! I think I'll borrow it...

Thinking Cramps said...

So I thought and thought and thought, and when I had thunk, I did the post.

Usha said...

Now I understand why I feel so emotionally close to you - we are alike in many ways.
you broke those alarm clocks! I could have added them to my collection. Sigh...

Jane Turley said...

OOOO..Mrs G that description of the chocolate is making me dribble so obscenely I think I shall soon be arrested....

Ps..I finally did that link thingy!!

Mystic Margarita said...

Done :)

dipali said...

Eve's lungs: Why on earth do you suffer from low self-esteem? Bet there's something wrong with that damn test- stop taking it. Seriously, you come across as warm, confident and caring- and I'm proud to know you.

Sucharita Sarkar said...

I don't know about your self-esteem, but I loved your self-deprecatory digs at yourself!

La delirante said...

"I am scared: of losing my eyesight and not be able to read and write." I have often thought of how the above scares me too.

Unknown said...

@ Muser - I saw your take on the tag :)
@HG - You better - you're getting lazy
@TC- I'm glad that you,like the little bear thunk. I liked what you thunk.
@Usha - they were vintage wind up clocks :P
@Jane - :)Like you I lust ( for chocolate)
@Mama-Mia - Hi welcome !
@Sonnjea - Hi stranger - feel free friend!
@Mystic - Hi - saw it !
@Dipali - Thanks . Its something I grew up with and from which I suffer still despite what you and others say I shall never measure up to the target I've set for myself
@Sucharita - Yes - I'm sly that way :P
@ La D - Wen, most people suffer from this fear - I find